About Flip Australia

Future Leaders in Progress, also known as FLIP, was founded in 2018 by Lisiate (Richie) Unga. He later joined forces with Connecting Dots’ Junior Lualua, together becoming FLIP’s Co-Directors. Today, we are a NDIS registered provider and youth mentoring service, here to help guide people through their unique maze of life. Our goals and objectives are to fill the gaps and improve the health, education, justice and employment prospects of vulnerable youth in our communities.

Alongside our youth support initiatives, FLIP have expanded its services to empower and assist clients with a range of disabilities to reach their goals and fulfil their highest potential. This is done through individual tailored support carried out by our experienced and highly competent team of staff.

Working with families in Canberra and the surrounding region, we pride ourselves on the ability to cater and personalise the support we are able to provide as a small, family run business. We understand that no two people are the same, and ensure that each person is treated with dignity, respect and given the choice to control and shape their future.



That all people have the ability to achieve their goals and reach their full potential with the right guidance and tools.


To provide support and opportunities for any person regardless of their abilities, age or social background.
Canberra & Surrounding Region Support Services
NDIS Certified in 2019
Qualified Team of Caring Personnel

Our Staff

All our carers and support workers have extensive experience caring for people with disability, disadvantaged youth, people with health conditions, and people with a mental illness. Our team works closely with our clients to provide support in accordance with our core values.

Our Core


We assist and advocate passionately for people to empower them to gain control over life changing decisions and make life enhancing choices.


We provide a sense of belonging, inclusion, and community. We believe everyone deserves to belong.


We embrace unconditionally the uniqueness and diversity of people, fostering quality and fairness in relationships.


We believe with the right support, direction and tools, each person can achieve their goals and live more independently.


We act ethically, justly and honestly in all that we do


We treat all people with respect, accepting their right to spiritual, emotional and physical safety and care.

Why Choose

We have over 20 years of experience from regular carers who care and who want you to achieve your best! If you are looking for a provider you can trust, talk to our friendly team at FLIP. We can offer you a single point of contact to manage your services, help with your concerns, and ensure that you and your family are getting the right support.

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