Future Leaders In Progress (F.L.I.P.) is a NDIS registered provider and a youth mentoring service. We partner with the NDIS and youth organisations, helping to guide people through their unique maze of life.

We empower our clients by teaching them the life tools to SHIFT their MINDSET and achieve their goals to meet their own unique potential.

The main reason FLIP is in business is to empower people, families and communities.

“Empowering People, Families and Communities to have a voice in creating opportunities to build their life journey…”



We assist and advocate passionately for people to empower them to gain control over life changing decisions and make life enhancing choices.


We provide a sense of belonging, inclusion, and community. We believe everyone deserves to belong.


We embrace unconditionally the uniqueness and diversity of people, fostering quality and fairness in relationships.


We believe with the right support, direction and tools, each person can achieve their goals and live more independently.


We act ethically, justly and honestly in all that we do.


We treat all people with respect, accepting their right to spiritual, emotional and physical safety and care.

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FLIP’s dedicated and passionate team work with our clients through the maze of life. We help our clients to unlock their full potential to develop life skills and tools to become the future leaders they are. Through ongoing partnership, we nurture growth and development through industry and NDIS and Youth approved practices.

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At FLIP, we offer a range of programs and support options for clients with different needs and abilities. We can provide short and long term accommodation solutions, NDIS support services, and intensive one on one youth mentoring. As a registered provider, our services can be covered under NDIS-funded plans, or can be supported for individuals and their families as a fee for service

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NDIS Accommodation

Take the next step towards independence with our Supported Independent Living facilities (SIL), the perfect place to grow and learn life skills. Or, for those that need Short Term Accommodation (STA), respite can be your home away from home.

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NDIS Personalised Support

We offer personalised individual support services under NDIS. This includes a range of active support options so you can try new things, learn additional skills, and get involved in your community. Depending on what you want to achieve, that active support can be provided at home or in the community.

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Youth Support

Our team at FLIP are able to assist you in designing a personalised plan to support you to achieve your personal goals. We will help you to identify what supports you may need to get there, and help you through each step of the way. You can choose these supports as part of your NDIS-funded plan or as a fee-for-service.

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