Providing a
Safe Home

FLIP has a range of accommodation services to support people with disability to find a place to call home and build independence. We have Short Term Accommodation facilities (respite) as well as Supported Independent Living (SIL) accommodation options to suit different needs.


Your Home Away From Home

FLIP provides Short Term Accommodation (STA) and is a safe and secure environment to take some time out from daily life. Our highly qualified and friendly support staff are here to provide a large range of activities in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where you can learn life skills, make new connections, and build your independence.

Short Term Accommodation with FLIP

We provide Short Term Accommodation (respite) at a lovely home in Palmerston. Our STA placement caters for people of all ages with experienced staff to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. Our short term visitors can stay with us for just a few days, but they can stay from a few weeks up to however long they need support. This depends on the needs and circumstances of each person’s circumstances and placement availability.

How can respite help?

Palmerston clients come to respite for several reasons: to have a holiday, to take a break from regular carers, or to use the facilities as a stepping stone towards independent living. Respite can really make a difference to the quality of life for all members of a family living with disability.

If you would like to discuss your Short Term Accommodation options further, contact our friendly team at FLIP today.


Living (SIL)

Your Life, Your Way

At FLIP, we provide Supported Independent Living (SIL) solutions for people with disability who would like to live in a shared home environment. This gives people of different backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to live with other residents who share similar interests, hobbies and support needs.

Supported Independent
Living with FLIP

Located in a quiet residential area, our Palmerston house is ideally located and is the perfect home for anyone looking to live more independently with individually tailored support. Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) placements allow people to enjoy a greater level of independence. Tenants can enjoy their own private living areas, with access to local shops and public transport.

SIL is a NDIS funded support that provides services for people with disability to live in a shared home. Supports are often 24/7, where our experienced staff can assist each resident with their daily life at home, helping to maximise their independence and life skills. We encourage our residents to participate actively in the home to build valuable life skills and relationships. This includes cooking and meal preparation, as well as joining social activities. We offer a safe and welcoming home environment allowing our residents to reach their full potential.

Choose Supported
Independent Living

  • Live safely and independently in Palmerston
  • Share a welcoming and inclusive home with like-minded individuals
  • Build life skills and meaningful relationships
  • Grow with 24/7 tailored support
  • Challenge yourself trying new social activitie

If you like to learn more about Supported Independent Living with FLIP, talk to our friendly team today. If you don’t have an NDIS plan, contact us and we can discuss your options.