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From 5 years and up, our specially designed programs are created for people from disadvantaged or vulnerable backgrounds. We can help you to engage in a range of activities aimed at building skills that help you to achieve meaningful and realistic goals. With the support of a mentor, you can build new life skills as you get active, learn from new experiences, and make new friends along the way.

At FLIP, it’s our job to assist you in designing a personalised plan to support you to set and achieve your personal goals. We can help you and your family to identify what supports you may need to get there. We can discuss our tailored Intensive Mentoring services and Youth Support programs, depending on your needs. You can choose these supports as part of your NDIS-funded plan or as a fee-for-service arrangement.

Navigating the Maze of Life

  • Tailored youth support
  • Intensive one on one mentoring
  • Support at home or after school
  • Camps & trips away

We want to empower young people to make good choices and create a positive pathway for their life’s future journey. Our intensive one on one mentoring and youth support programs aim to help young people to make positive choices, build practical life skills, and create potentially life changing opportunities. This can include providing support outside of school hours in the home environment, or learning new skills being activity in the community or during trips away.

How can you
grow with


Learning to control emotions and developing effective and respectful communications practices is undoubtedly an important life skill. We can help you to build skills to achieve desired outcomes and work together with different people.


We can work closely with each person to educate them on healthier habits and meal options. We work with people to ensure that they are able to make essential decisions to support a healthy and independent lifestyle. We help with shopping and cooking skills as well as working on diets and meal plans.


A healthy and active life both as an individual or in a group is important to release energy, have fun and meet new people. At FLIP, we pride on the ability to work with a range of unique and different clients to offer a range of activities that engage and challenge them through our support programs.


We understand that hygiene is regarded as one of the most important life skills you can learn. Teaching why it is important and the benefits is one of our main goals with youth who may not be aware of these skills. Dressing appropriately and being well groomed is something that we work on closely with our clients. This includes things such as basic hygiene from brushing, flossing teeth and general cleanliness.

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