Carey D

FLIP are an amazing service that among other things provides supports for people with a disability. Our family has been using the supports provided by FLIP to assist our son who has multiple disabilities and mental health issues to interact in the community in varying ways. The owner of FLIPS understood how important continuity of care was to us and immediately set us up with several key workers in case one person is unavailable to ensure scheduled care arrangements would always take place.

The service provided by these key workers is exceptional, they are always so professional, reliable and courteous. They work alongside our son’s allied health professionals and follow through with everyday activities designed to meet specific goals in his plans. They are also paramount in providing extra opportunities for our son to practice new skills out in the community and at home. At times our son can display some very challenging behaviours and we have found that each of his key workers have always remained calm and patient and are always encouraging and reassuring. They always treat our son with dignity and respect even when things get tough and show their resourcefulness by looking at alternative solutions to any presenting issue. Truly showing the meaning of the word integrity.

The most important factor to us is our son enjoys ‘hanging out’ with them and is comfortable with all of his key workers at FLIP. They have even become a bit of a role model for him and look forward to each time they come.

I would highly recommend FLIP to anyone looking for support to assist in providing care for someone with a disability.